Private Catalog: Import Fitment

PSS manages fitment for its Aftermarket Catalog and we are unable to allow you to manipulate it.  However, you are able to import and manage fitment for your private catalog products.  This feature grants you the ability to Import multiple fitment for each private catalog product by way of CSV file.

PSS Home Page > File Center

On the left-hand menu under Price Overrides, click "Private Catalog: Import Fitment"

Step 1 - Download Template

Download the Compatible File Template which is in the blue hyperlink.  Open the File Template from your computer.

For this template and any others in PSS, make sure that you review the developer notes so that you can ensure that your file meets PSS specifications.

Step 2 - Populate Template With Data

This template has six (6) columns, some of which are optional.  Below we offer an explanation of what each column header represents.

Note:  Each unique Year, Make, Model combination will have its own line.  Do not try to separate years or models out with a comma, it won't work.

In this example below, we see a product that fits three different YMM combinations


The MPN from the Manufacturer or Original Brand.

The Year

Yamaha, Kawasaki, Indian, KTM, etc.

Be extremely careful here.  You want to ensure that your models are formatted identically.  Watch your spacing and capitalization.


If you want to delete a fitment you will just input the data into the template and add a 1 into this column.  No spaces.  No decimals.  

Leave blank if you are not deleting anything.