Amazon Listing Status

Below is a list of each Amazon Listing Status that exists within PSS along with an explanation of what it means:

Pending Recommendation Approval

When you were Creating Amazon Listings the products end up in either Pending Recommendation Approval or ASIN Recommendation Unavailable.  With Pending Recommendation Approval these are Amazon listings that you created but, have not yet accepted our recommendation.

If you want to address listings in this status you should proceed to the Amazon Recommendation Queue in PSS.  

ASIN Recommendation Unavailable

As mentioned above you likely created Amazon listings that did not have an ASIN Recommendation.  If you wanted to get these products online you should proceed to the PSS Amazon Search Queue and perform Manual ASIN Entry.

ASIN Recommendation Rejected

If you are doing a good job with the PSS ASIN Recommendation screening process you should, in fact, have plenty of product in this status.  These are products that you tried to create Amazon Listings for but they did not pass the initial test, so you rejected them.  

If you want to get the listings online simply do a Manual ASIN Entry.

ASIN Recommendation Accepted

These are products that you have accepted the PSS ASIN Recommendation for.


Listings Disabled by you in PSS.


Listings Deleted by you in PSS.

Manual ASIN Entry

Listings that you performed a Manual ASIN Entry on.

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