PSS will pull orders from both Amazon and eBay.  
All the orders come into PSS, then go to your Shipping Easy account.  
After you have shipped them, the tracking comes back into PSS, the order is marked as shipped, and then sent to the appropriate marketplace.
You will have to integrate FedEx, UPS, USPS accounts into Shipping Easy yourself.
	From the PSS Home Page click Settings > Shipping Easy

Module Settings

There can be issues with duplicate orders showing up in your Shipping Easy account.  To ensure that PSS is only sending order information for PSS created listings you will want to check this box.

API Configuration

Store URL

This will automatically populate in PSS.  Enter this information into Shipping Easy.  

Store Callback Path

This will automatically populate in PSS.   Enter this information into Shipping Easy.  


Account API Key & Account API Secret

You will generate these in Shipping Easy and paste it in here.  In Shipping Easy click on "Settings > API Credentials"

Next you will generate the "Store API Key"

Click on "Settings > Stores & Orders"

Click "Add New"

1. Select Platform > Choose "ShippingEasy API" from the Dropdown.

2. Enter your PSS dashboard URL without www. ""

3. After you save this information you will proceed to "Settings > Stores & Orders".  Here you will see the New ShippingEasy store and the Store API.  

Copy/Paste into PSS and hit save.  You are done.

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