You only need the single PSS License that you purchase right from Ship Works. Since we pull orders from both Amazon and eBay we act as a funnel into the single license. 
You will set up a username and password in PSS that you will plug into Ship Works on the computer that you install it on.  ShipWorks should be installed on what you consider your “shipping computer”
All the orders come into PSS then go to your ShipWorks computer, after you have shipped them, the tracking comes back into PSS, marked as shipped, and then sent to the appropriate marketplace.
You will have to integrate FedEx, UPS, USPS accounts into Shipworks yourself.

From the PSS Home Page click Settings > Shipworks

Advanced Settings

PSS gives you the ability to Disable Order Prefixing and Postfixing.  The notes in PSS should be fairly straightforward regarding what these fields do.   

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