3PA for Parts & Accessories Inventory/Pricing

By completing the steps below you will be able to allow PSS to access pricing/inventory for OEM Parts, Aftermarket Parts, and Private Catalog Items.


  1. You must have 3PA activated with Lightspeed before doing this
  2. You will need to contact your Lightspeed representative to have them activate
  3. This feature only works with Lightspeed EVO

Step 1: Enter your 3PA Credentials

PSS Settings > Lightspeed

You will land on a page for both the Web Orders Module and 3PA/Data Warehouse.  Under 3PA/Data Warehouse go ahead and enter your 3PA Credentials and enable.

Step 2: Inventory and Price Settings (Supplier Codes)

Once you click "enable" the menu will expand and you will see options for Major Vehicle Units and Parts & Accessories.  Scroll down to "3PA Parts & Accessories Availability/Pricing Settings"

Select if you want PSS to use the Pricing and Inventory in your Lightspeed account or just the Inventory.  Note: You will not be able to check the Inventory box until you enter supplier codes.  

Use Lightspeed Pricing - We will pull from the "Current Active Price" field in account.  If left unchecked then you will simply be pushing the PSS provided MSRP.  We get updated MSRP daily from each distributor.

Use Lightspeed Inventory - We will pull from the "On Hand" field in your account

To enable the use of Lightspeed inventory you will need to input your Supplier Codes.  Click the "Manage Supplier Codes" button > Add Supplier Code.  From here you just select the Catalog that the code pertains to, Input the Lightspeed Supplier Code, and select the Manufacturer.

Supplier Code

OEM Catalog - PSS will look to your Lightspeed account for the exact OEM MPN and match it to our data which we get from the OEMs directly.
Aftermarket  Catalog - PSS will look to your Lightspeed account for the raw, unformatted distributor SKU and attempt to match the SKU to the PSS MPN.  
Private Catalog - PSS will look to your Lightspeed account for the part number and attempt to match it to the part number that we have in your Private Catalog.

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