Getting Product Images into Media Center for Private Catalog

Once you land in Media Center you will notice that it has a look and feel of some of the more common file hosting cloud platforms.  Everything is drag and drop, or highlight and command.
Note the buttons at the top for New Folder, Export Files, and Move Selected.

Organization, Folder Management, File Naming

  • If you are using PSS to host all of your images you will want to remain highly organized.  You need to use multiple layers of folders to make sure that you can find the image you want; when you want it.  Consider creating a folder structure that matches your eBay Store or you Webstore Category Structure.
  • You will be copying file names from PSS Media Center and copying/pasting them into the PSS Private Catalog Upload Template.  When giving an image a file name we highly recommend that you use the MPN of the product.  
  • Keep your file naming consistent and clean.  If a product has an MPN of X123Z then you should name that image X123Z before you drag and drop it into the PSS Media Center.
  • PSS does NOT detect duplicate image file names so you will want to make sure that all images that you upload have unique file names.

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