3PA for Vehicle Units Inventory/Pricing

By completing the steps below you will be able to allow PSS to access pricing/inventory for the Vehicle Units in your Lightspeed account.


  1. You must have 3PA activated with Lightspeed before doing this
  2. You will need to contact your Lightspeed representative to have them activate
  3. This feature only works with Lightspeed EVO

Step 1: Enter your 3PA Credentials

PSS Settings > Lightspeed

You will land on a page for both the Web Orders Module and 3PA/Data Warehouse.  Under 3PA/Data Warehouse go ahead and enter your 3PA Credentials and enable.

Step 2: Major Unit Settings

Once you click "enable" the menu will expand and you will see options for Major Vehicle Units and Parts & Accessories.  Scroll down to "3PA Major Unit Settings"

Select the protocols that you would like PSS to use when interacting with your Lightspeed account and listing units to your webstore.

Major Unit Import Automation

Import New Units - If checked PSS will look to your Lightspeed account every 4 hours for new units and AUTOMATICALLY list them to your webstore.  No additional work is required by you.

Import Used Units - If checked PSS will look to your Lightspeed account every 4 hours for used units and AUTOMATICALLY list them to your webstore.  No additional work is required by you.

Ignore Failed Lookups - If PSS looks to your Lightspeed and the VIN is not valid in our nationwide database then the unit will be skipped.

Hide Old Units - PSS has the ability to detect transactions/sales in your Lightspeed account.  By checking this box you are telling PSS to hide units that have transactions/closed deals associated with them.

Major Unit Update Automation

Update MSRP

Update DSRP

Ignore Makes

If you have one Lightspeed account for multiple dealerships and only want PSS to pull in units for specific brands then you can select brands to ignore and PSS won't pull them in.

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