How to Create Kit or Combo Listings (Advanced)

Some dealers like to put multiple products onto one listing to be sold as a kit, combo, or package.  While PSS does allow you to do through its Private Catalog, we do not recommend it.  The main reason for this is simply the lack of a reliable inventory feed that provides stock on all products in the kit.  It is also a lot of tedious work.

For a combo order to be fulfilled, you need all MPNs in the kit to be available.  PSS supplies inventory for each MPN however, we do not have the ability to aggregative it for you to ensure that the combo is in stock.  We don't recommend putting kits or combos on the marketplaces unless you have multiple inventories of all MPNs on your shelf/floor or are willing to take on the risk of overselling.  That said, here is how you assemble kits in the PSS Private Catalog UI for use on eBay.

Front/Rear Tire Set

Jersey/Pants/Gloves Gear Set

Front/Rear Tire Combo

Click into the PSS Private Catalog
Click the "New" button to create a new product.

Enter new Product Group information
Brand/Manufacturer Name

Use the brand name.  Be accurate and capitalize properly.  

Product Group Name

For this example, we will use Dunlop Q4 Front & Rear Combo Set

Product Description

Description of your choice

Enter Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number

45233176 / 45233177

Technically this can be any number/identifier that you want.  We feel that the MPN should be representative of both products for searchability on eBay.


120/70ZR17 - 180/55ZR17

Each kit/combo variation will need to be represented.  The first combo we will do are for these sizes.


Optional in this case


Optional in this case


Price of the whole kit/combo


You will want to create a jpg image that shows both a front and rear tire by using a photo editing tool of some kind.

Create all variations of the Kit/Combo

This is where the work will get tedious.  You need a product/variation for all combinations.  After you create two products in the same Product Group you will see the option to "Add Variation".  

Here is a representation of four kit/combinations for the Dunlop Q4 Tire.  Note the different MPNs and Sizes

List product(s) to eBay

Proceed to your Private Catalog and select one or multiple product combos. Click the "eBay" button.

Use the PSS Tags to hash/form your title.  In this example, you would use the {%TITLE%} and {%SIZE%} tags.  This would give you titles of:

Dunlop Q4 Front & Rear Combo Set 120/70ZR17 - 180/55ZR17

Dunlop Q4 Front & Rear Combo Set 120/70ZR17 - 180/60ZR17

Dunlop Q4 Front & Rear Combo Set 120/70ZR17 - 180/50ZR17

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