Issues with Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico

Over the years we have seen multiple points of confusion on this topic.  Below is a summary of the most common issues and how you can cure them based on eBay's requirements. 

Issue #1 - Shipping Surcharge is assigned on the listing template in PSS  but the listing still has no surcharge

These points are likely the cause of your issues

  • An additional fee to charge US buyers who have the item shipped via UPS or FedEx to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  Can't charge a surcharge with USPS.
  • Can only be assigned a value for the eBay US site and for items in the Parts and Accessories category of the eBay Motors site. 
  • If some line items in an order have a surcharge, the surcharge is added only for those line items. 
  • Flat rate shipping only.  Won't work with calculated.
  • A seller cannot make use of both the domestic rate table and a shipping surcharge.  If you have a template using a domestic rate table, the shipping surcharge is void.
  • If you created the listing with a domestic rate table but wish to switch over to no rate table and utilize the shipping surcharge option you will need to update the template as such and then completely relist the item.  Cannot revise listings to remove a domestic rate table; they must be recreated.
Issue #2 - I don't want to ship to AK, HI, PR at all

Complete each of these changes below:

  • Step 1 - Go into PSS > Settings > eBay.  Scroll to the bottom where it says "Shipping Locations" and "Shipment Location Exclusions".  

Click manage

Enter Alaska/Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Protectorates

Click Submit

  • Step 2 - Go into your eBay account.  Shipping Preferences  “Exclude Shipping Locations” Click “Edit”.  

Check AK, HI, US Protectorates

Check “Also apply to current listings”

Uncheck/Make sure unchecked “Override my shipping exclusions for Global Shipping”

Click Save

  • Step 3 - Go into your eBay account.  Top left where it says " Hi! ".  Account Settings > Seller Dashboard > Preferences.

Account Selling Preferences > Your Buyers > Blocked Buyer List

Check "Block buyers whose primary shipping address is in a location I don't ship to"

*At the bottom, check "Apply above settings to active and future listings"

Click Submit at the bottom!