Lizzy DMS

The integration with Lizzy primarily allows PSS to pull in price and inventory on a nightly basis for use with webstores and marketplaces.  It can also take orders from any marketplace that is connected to it and push them to Lizzy.

To connect Lizzy to PSS you will first need to generate an API Key and Webstore ID in Lizzy.  Reach out to Lizzy technical support directly to set up API access and the Webstore ID. 

Once you have the above-mentioned data points you will proceed to Settings > Lizzy to enter the values.


This is the long string of text provided by Lizzy.  It will look something like this

Webstore ID

This will be a one or two-digit number provided by Lizzy.  It's the number in parenthesis next to your Webstore in the Lizzy Webstore Interface.

Vendor Mapping

After you have established the connection with the API key you will configure your catalogs and distributors with the name of the vendor in Lizzy.
This refers to the catalog in PSS.  Select from Aftermarket, Private, or OEM.
Select the desired source from the drop-down
Vendor Name
You will retrieve these from your Lizzy backend.  Make sure that you spell them correctly and have proper capitalization.  They are typically in all caps.
Toggle Pricing
PSS will give you the option to either use the price in Lizzy or the prices that you are managing out of PSS.  To use Lizzy pricing check the box next to the Vendor Name labeled "Use Pricing". To use PSS-managed pricing just leave it unchecked.

Once you have configured the above, PSS will start pulling inventory the following morning at 1:00 AM Pacific and it will continue to do so on a daily basis.


PSS will pull orders from any marketplace or webstore that you have hooked up and push said orders to Lizzy.   The frequency of the pulls is every hour.

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