Tune-up your eBay Settings

After you have completed the Authorization with eBay there are still a few settings that need to be filled out.  

PSS Home Page > Settings > eBay
Marketplace Settings
Tax Settings
Payment Settings
Policy Settings
Inventory Settings
Missing Image Settings
Price Settings
Shipping Location Settings

Marketplace Settings

eBay Site

This is prefilled by PSS

eBay Root Category
This is prefilled by PSS
Postal Code
The zip code for your physical location

Payment Settings

Paypal Email
Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account

Payment Methods

Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover
Check the boxes for all the methods that you accept via eBay

Inventory Settings

Not to be confused with Inventory Rules, these settings here are related to the individual marketplace and actually compliment the Inventory Rules section.  
Out of Stock Control
Enabling this option will allow PSS to keep listings that go out of stock in an online status.  If a listing is out of stock upon creation, it will not create.  When inventory comes back in stock PSS will detect it and create the listing at that time.
Inventory Ceiling

This will allow you to limit the number of products for sale on one listing. The recommended value for this field is 4 with 10 being the absolute max.

Example:  If you have this set at 5 but an item has 12 qty available, you will be advertising that you have 5 for sale.  
Marketplace Inventory Buffer
This feature is used to prevent overselling.  It reflects the minimum quantity required from all distributors in order for it to be considered in stock on the marketplace.  PSS recommends an inventory buffer of no less than 4 on each marketplace, with 6 or 7 being considered conservative.  
If you have a value of 6, the product will not show in stock unless there are at least 6 available from all warehouse sources combined.  
Lead Time Ceiling
You have a few options on how to handle the lead times on your eBay listings. If you are looking to qualify for PowerSeller or any other status in eBay you might be required to ship a certain percentage of products within a defined time frame. For instance, you might need to ship 90% or your orders within 1 day. eBay Seller Levels and Performance Standards
In order to eliminate listings with a lead time greater than 1-day, you can enter a Lead Time Ceiling of one.  This will not push inventory to the marketplace unless the product has a 1 day lead time.  
*Keep in mind that a low Lead Time Ceiling can greatly reduce your inventory and make perfectly fine products be marked as out of stock.  If you are open to selling products that may take longer to get tracking into eBay we would recommend a ceiling more like 4 or 5.
Lead Time Floor
If you don't want all of the calculated lead times from your Inventory Rules to be used across your eBay listings you can assign a Lead Time Floor. If you enter a value of 3 here, any calculated lead times of 1 or 2 will be raised to 3. This setting should be almost always be set at 1.  2 would be a good value for a small shop that sometimes finds themselves a day behind on shipping.

Price Settings

These are global settings where you can set broad parameters in regards to price management.
Disable Pricing Option
If you have a re-pricer or other 3rd party managing your pricing you can check this box and eBay listings will not receive price updates during revisions.
Disable Discount Pricing
When enabled, eBay listings will not show discount pricing information.
Minimum Price Threshold
If you do not wish to sell products on eBay below a certain amount you can enter that value here. An entered value of 25, will restrict any positive inventory from being sent to listings of products that have a price below $25. 
Minimum Price Applies to
Choose to have the Minimum Price Threshold apply to MSRP or the Calculated Price (either by Price Rules or Overrides)  
Maximum Price Threshold
If you do not wish to sell products on eBay above a certain amount you can enter that value here. An entered value of 500, will restrict any positive inventory from being sent to listings of products that have a price below $500. 
Maximum Price Applies to
Choose to have the Maximum Price Threshold apply to MSRP or the Calculated Price (either by Price Rules or Overrides). 

Tax Settings

Enable Tax Table
Enabling this option will ignore all tax settings for listings supplied by PSS and will make use of the tax table set for the account.
Taxable Jurisdiction
If your state requires sales tax, please choose your state here. 
The percentage of tax to be applied to products 
Tax Shipping
If you need to collect sales tax on the shipping price as well, please check this box 

Policy Settings

Powersports Support highly recommends that you have thorough policies and disclaimers in order to prevent confusion with buyers and to protect yourself.
Return Policy
You can enter generic return policy information here. Your listings will have specific return information supplied through your Listing Templates 
Extended Holiday Returns
During the holiday season, you can offer longer than normal return windows for customers who are purchasing gifts and need extra time to process returns. 
Payment Instructions
You can include instructions regarding payments, the type of payments accepted etc 
Listing Disclaimer
This will be populated in every listings' item specifics and is limited to 50 characters.  Not a bad idea for blanket statements like "Stock Photo Used" or "Reference actual MPN for item". 

Missing Image Settings

Enable Fallback Image
When a PSS catalog item is missing an image you may check this box and the listing will go online with your logo as the image until PSS catalog updates.   Enter the URL for your logo in the URL field.
*Powersports Support tries to release data in the most complete form possible however given the nature of the industry and lack of clean, web-ready data from the distributors, there can be some holes in the catalog in regards to images.

Shipping Locations

By default, PSS will set all listings to ship with no excluded locations.  By using the list of Countries in this feature, a seller may choose to override this behavior and exclude one or more regions from shipping.
Manage Shipment Location Exclusions
Select as many countries from the list as you wish to have excluded.

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