eBay Listings: Import/Export

This feature grants you the ability to import and export your eBay listings our of PSS into a CSV file for the purpose of editing various listing traits including; Listing Title, Subtitle, and Template.

PSS Home Page > File Center

On the left-hand menu under eBay Listings, click "eBay: Export eBay Listings"

Step 1 - Download Export eBay Listings Report

After you start the export request a box will pop up to enter a notification email (optional).  Then click Submit.

This will start the request.  You can monitor job processing from PSS File Center.  Once you see that the job is complete click on the blue hyperlink.  This will download a CSV file titled "Ebay_Export_Ebay_Listings_Report.  Open it.

Step 2 - Edit eBay Listings

The CSV export will provide you with the following columns for edit.  Below we offer an explanation of what each column header represents.


The catalog where the SKU that you are overriding exists.  Must be one of AFTERMARKET, OEM, PRIVATE


The PSS eBay Listing Identifier.  This is PSS' way of identifying the eBay listing in your PSS application  This is not to be confused with eBay item ID which is noted below.  


This is the current eBay item id that the listing is posted to


The date the listing was originally created.  Could be useful for sorting if you are trying to isolate listings that you created during a specific time frame.


The current listing template that the listing is utilizing


The current hash that the listing title is using.  A title hash is the combination of tags and/or text that creates the actual listing title.  Using PSS catalog data tags allows you to easily create titles.  

Say we are trying to create a listing for Streamline Brake Lines, MPN XP900-R 4 SM

Example of a title hash -  {%MANUFACTURER%} {%TITLE%} {%SIZE%} {%COLOR%} {%MPN%}

This hash becomes title -  Streamline Rear Brakeline Plus 4" Smoke XP900-R 4 SM

Additionally, you can just use standard text for the title hash.  If you don't want to use the tags just put in the full-text Streamline Rear Brakeline Plus 4" Smoke XP900-R 4 SM.


The full text of the title as it is displayed on eBay.  


The hash of the subtitle.  


The SKU or SKUs that are feeding price/inventory into this listing.

Step 3 - Organize and Upload Your Data

Once you manipulate the data you will upload it back into PSS.  You will want to strongly consider moving the data from your original eBay Listings Export over to our compatible file template for eBay Listings Import.

On the left-hand menu under eBay Listings, click "eBay: Import eBay Listings".  You will be shown a blue hyperlink to download a compatible file template.

Copy/Paste Text or Values from export to the template for import.

The only required column to trigger an update on the CSV file is EbayListing.id

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