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Follow these guidelines in regards to negative feedback relating to imperfections in the catalog data.

A couple points to clarify first:

*PSS, nor eBay, will reimburse dealers for any lost cost associated with errors in the catalog data. This relates to wrong MPN being shipped, wrong attributes in data, or mismatched products altogether. 

*PSS periodically runs metrics on data accuracy. Over the previous 6 months, the reported defect rate in the data is .83%, roughly 6,200 SKUs. The majority of these arose from dealers reporting issues and then us running specific lookups on the catalog to isolate the bad SKUs on a mass scale. As many of you know, this is not a perfect science and until the distributors/manufacturers collaborate and agree to a uniform system, there will be little improvement. PSS has skilled data technicians that go above and beyond in trying to isolate even one problem SKU. 

Now, on to new protocol.  What constitutes "imperfections in the catalog data"

*Wrong size, color, option for an MPN

*Bad product match resulting in wrong price ($1,000 exhaust for $200)

*Bad fitment

*Broad image (image for standalone pistons includes complete kit, rods, rings, etc. Buyer thought they were getting a full kit)

What to do when a situation arises due to imperfections in the PSS catalog data?

1. Overall your response to buyer needs to be done in a professional manner, and immediately.

  • Be quick
  • Be cordial
  • Be apologetic
  • Be transparent
  • Be professional

2. The body of the response/explanation to the buyer should be:

Our company is enrolled in a program with eBay Motors whereby we are provided with product/part data that has been aggregated and normalized for a number of dealers. They provide things for us like accurate fitment and accurate item specifics. The errors are few and far between however because there are millions of aftermarket parts/products, errors to exist on a small scale. 

Consider offering a discount on another product on the store, paying return shipping, etc

3. We urge you not to fulfill orders at a loss for the sake of avoiding negative feedback. As long as you follow the steps outlined in this email, eBay Merchant Support and if necessary, eBay Motors will work with you to have any negative feedback removed as long as you can show your work.

4. If you have been quick, cordial, apologetic, transparent and professional, and negative feedback does occur, please proceed as follows:

Email eBay Merchant Support

The subject line of the email to Merchant Support

PSS Account - your store name (Negative Feedback Removal Request)

The body of the email to Merchant Support:

At the request of Powersports support and the eBay motors team, I am submitting a request to have negative feedback removed for items that had inaccuracies in Price, MPN, Description, or Item Specifics. I have worked diligently to resolve the matter directly with the buyer however it has ended up with negative feedback. My response to the initial issue was quick, cordial, apologetic, transparent and professional.

Provide a summary of the issue. Keep it clean and concise.

What eBay cares about most:

-Getting tracking into eBay in a timely manner
-The ratio of online listings to sales
-Responding to buyer complaints quickly and professionally

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