View Your Amazon Listings in PSS

PSS > Amazon > View All Listings

Here you can:

  • Filter by Listing Status, Manufacturer, MPN, Price, etc
  • Identify the ASIN that a Product is Attached to
  • Edit the ASIN that a Product is Attached to
  • Enable, Disable, or Delete Amazon Listings

Filter Your Listings

Use the Filters on the left-hand nav column to drill down to the listings you wish to review.


Toggle between the Aftermarket, OEM, and your Private Catalog items

Keyword Search

Drill down to your listings that contain a certain word or phrase.   Search Goggles.  Search Motorcycle Stand. Search Boots.  Search Camshaft.

Manufacturer Group

The primary or "Parent" Manufacturer.  We list sub-brands under one distinct brand.  Example:  Moose Racing in PSS is simply Moose Racing however, there are many sub-brands that we put under it.  Like Moose Racing Hard Parts and Moose Utility.


The unique Manufacturer Part Number assigned to this Part/Product.  Keep in mind that we aggregate inventory and that multiple "Distributor SKUs" can feed into a single MPN.


This drop-down will display any distributor IDs that you have keyed in on your settings page.

Distributor SKU

This is the SKU from the distributor with the PSS prefix on it.  The SKU with Parts Unlimited might be 2501-2660 however, in PSS the Distributor SKU is PU2501-2660.  Here you can search for an individual SKU.


Ability to search Amazon listings by Price.  This will search the Sale Price on the listings.

Listing Status

For a full breakdown on each Listing Status;  Click Here

Amazon ASIN

Here you can input the exact ASIN you are looking to manage out of PSS.

Product Status

Easily locate products that are on Closeout or Discontinued.

Identify the ASIN that a Product is Attached to

On the left-hand column, you will see the Amazon ASIN in the blue hyperlink.  Click on it to be taken to the actual Amazon listing.

Edit the ASIN that a Product is Attached to

If you wish to change the ASIN of a product that is already listed, you must first delete the existing listing and wait 48 hours before relisting to the new ASIN.

Because of the technical requirements imposed by Amazon we are unable to "Edit" the ASIN that products are on.  The product simply needs to come down first.

Enable, Disable, or Delete Amazon Listings

Here you can change the active status of an Amazon listing.  This will mainly be used for taking down product(s) that have become problematic and that you no longer wish to have listed on the marketplace.  

Simply filter down to your desired product and then click an open space to highlight the row.

Then proceed to the top of the menu and Delete or Disable the Listing.

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