SKU and MPN Definitions

PSS is MPN Based.  We aggregate inventory, feeding Price and Inventory information from multiple Distributor SKUs into a single MPN.

Distributor SKU

The Distributor SKU exists solely for Price and Inventory purposes.  

The SKU used by the distributor but, assigned a prefix by PSS.  PSS amends the SKU in order to identify it in the back end and aggregate inventories for each product.

  • A Parts Unlimited SKU of 2103-0174 becomes PU2103-0174
  • A Western Powersports SKU of 2-R0451B-8 becomes WP2-R0451B-8
Tucker Rocky - TR
Parts Unlimited - PU
Western Powersports - WP
Helmet House - HH
Sullivans - SU
Bell Powersports - BP
Castle - CA
Automatic - AU
LS2 Helmets - LS
Moto Nation - MN
Van Leeuwen - VL

Many of the Override files that you can use in PSS will need to have the SKUs formatted correctly.  Again, we amend the distributor SKUs with their initials.  Whether you are doing a Price Override, or Shelf Inventory File all the SKUs will need to be in this format.  

How do I get these prefixes implemented on a .csv file?   Click Here

PSS Ending Your Non-PSS Listings

If you are new to PSS and have existing listings using the same SKU structure referenced above you need to STOP and contact your Account Manager.  If PSS automation is turned on while you have other listings using this format the listings will be ended by PSS.

PSS will end your listings that utilize a Custom Label SKU that has one of our Prefixes noted above.  WP, TR, PU, etc.  You need to either change the SKU you are using on eBay or use PSS exclusively for all of your listings.

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

The MPN in PSS is the representation of an individual product.  We pull the MPN for each product from the distributors.  Each MPN will have its own set of attributes.  Size, Color, Option, Description, Image are all managed on the MPN Level.

How it all Ties Together

Some brands will be exclusive to a single distributor however, some brands will utilize many.  NGK is a good example of how multiple SKUs feed Price and Inventory into a single MPN.
From the Catalog search by brand: NGK
Isolate a single MPN Row.  Now go to the right of the screen and click Calculate Price or Calculate Inventory.  Each of these will show you where they are sourcing from.

The Price Calculation for this single MPN is pulling from Western, Parts, MTA, and Tucker

The Inventory Calculation for this single MPN is also pulling from Western, Parts, MTA, and Tucker

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