How to Override an Image

One of the great features in PSS is the ability to override or add your own selected images.  The PSS aftermarket catalog will sometimes be missing images or have very generic images.  In these instances, you will want to perform an Override Image.

To perform an Image Override you have two options in PSS

1. Use the PSS interface to change the image of a product
This is a solid option when you want to override the image of a handful of SKUs.
From the PSS Catalog use the filters to locate a product that you wish to change the image.
Click on the Product MPN.  You will be taken to the Override Management Center

You will see the image at the top of the page with buttons below it to Upload a File of the Image or Upload a URL.  The images you upload will appear on the marketplace after the next revision cycle.

2. Upload a compatible CSV file into PSS File Center

This is optimal when you want to override the image of hundreds or thousands of SKUs.  We cover this option at length in a separate article relating specifically to  Importing/Exporting Image Overrides by CSV.

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