How to Override a Price

Price Overrides give you the ability to customize pricing down to the penny on the Distributor SKU level.  This ability in PSS is not to be confused with Pricing Rules whereby you discount an entire brand by a percentage.  

Price Overrides take precedence over Price Rules.  If you have an override on a SKU contained within a Pricing Rule of the same brand that the SKU is in, the override takes effect.

To perform a Price Override you have two options in PSS

  1. Use the PSS User Interface
  2. Upload a CSV File

Option 1 - Using the PSS interface to change the pricing for the Distributor SKU of a Product

This is a solid option when you want to override the price of a handful of SKUs.

From the PSS Aftermarket Catalog use the filters to locate a product that you wish to manipulate pricing on
Click on the Product MPN.  You will be taken to the Override Management Center

Scroll down to Price Overrides.  The value you put into these fields will appear on the marketplace after the next revision cycle.

Option 2 - Upload a compatible CSV file into PSS File Center

This is optimal when you want to override the price of hundreds or thousands of SKUs.  We cover this option at length in a separate article relating specifically to Importing/Exporting Price Overrides by CSV.

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