How to Manage Shelf Quantities

Shelf Quantities are a representation of the product that you have in stock in your store.  PSS allows you to run your inventory and the PSS provided distributor inventory in unison.  

  • In the event that you do upload Shelf Quantity to PSS, it will take precedence over the distributor inventory until the shelf inventory has been exhausted.
  • For each sale that occurs on a PSS managed marketplace, PSS will decrement the quantity available as such.
  • We highly recommend that you import updated shelf quantity on a regular basis to avoid overselling.  PSS only knows what you sell online, it doesn't know what is selling on the floor of your store.

There are two ways to get Shelf Quantity into PSS.  For overriding less than 20 products we recommend using the User Interface.  For more than 20 we recommend using the CSV upload.

Input Shelf Quantity into PSS from the User Interface

1. Filter down the catalog to the product(s) that you wish to add Shelf Qty to.  Click the MPN.  You will be taken to the Override Management Center for that product.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Override Management Center and you will see Shelf Quantities.  Input your quantities and an updated Sale Price if you choose.

Import Shelf Quantity into PSS by using a CSV file

To learn how to Import/Export Shelf Quantity please visit our help article titled Shelf Quantities: Import/Export

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