Aftermarket Catalog Settings - Pricing Rules

There are two ways to manage pricing in PSS; Price Overrides and Pricing Rules. We will touch on  Price Overrides in a later section, here is what you need to know about Pricing Rules.

The Pricing Rules are going to be the most broad way to manipulate pricing and are designed to help manage the pricing for entire brands. PSS is going to pull in MSRP for each distributor but, it is up to you to apply discounts to brands or products when applicable. 
If a brand or product has not been either discounted by a Price Rule or a Price Override it will be pushed out at full MSRP. There are some brands that you don't need to touch if you wish to sell at retail. When creating a Pricing Rule in PSS you should be familiar with all the MAP policies for the different brands so you know that you are in compliance.  A Pricing Rule can have many different brands in it, if they all have the same price policy or you wish to sell them at the same discount. 
Through the PSS Pricing Rules you will have the ability to discount a brand off of MSRP by a certain percent, or markup a brand by a percentage above cost. 
PSS Home Page > Settings > Pricing Rules
Note: You will need to  Upload Your Dealer Cost  into PSS for the cost plus rule to work.
Dealer Success Tip:  The guys that do well on these platforms pay close attention to pricing and manipulate it on a regular basis.  If you expect to put up 40,000 listings at MSRP and wait for the sales to roll in you will be severely disappointed.  Know your pricing. Study the competition.


Simply name the Pricing Rule, usually based around the type of discount. ie: 15% Off Round Down

Pricing Target

Either MSRP or Cost, Most will use MSRP and calculate the discount off of MSRP


Some brands require their prices to be either rounded up or rounded down. If a 10% discount puts a product at $99.95 this would be a round down, some brands require the round up and would want the price displayed at $99.96 so that would need to be rounded up.

Value for eBay Value, Amazon Value, Webstore

Important Note!  Enter positive numbers with no leading zeros.  If you want a 10% discount, you enter a 10.00
This is where the actual math is done. So for the 10% price rule we will want to enter 10.00 in each one of these fields. In some circumstances you may wish to have different values in these fields but for the most part they will be the same.
*The only time you would use a negative value in these fields is if you wanted to target msrp and mark up a product over msrp.


Here you select the different brands/manufacturers you want included in this rule. You can have many different brands in one rule if they all have the same MAP policy. Sometimes a single brand will have different variations supplied by the distributors ie: Fly, Fly Racing, Fly Street You want to make sure to look for all of these types of iterations to ensure accurate pricing.  Include all variations of the brand to make sure all brand pricing is covered.

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