Aftermarket Catalog Settings - Inventory Rules

The Inventory Rules in PSS will help you to effectively manage both inventory and lead time values for each distributor, and each distributors warehouse. PSS will be pulling in distributor supplied inventory files on a daily basis so you can accurately display listings across all marketplaces. You will be responsible for setting up the Rules for each distributor you are currently selling from.

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Key Definitions

Lead Time 
The number of days that you need to get tracking into the marketplace, or the number of days that product takes to get to your shop before you are going to send it to the buyer.  To determine lead time we recommend visiting UPS or Fedex to calculate the time from distributor warehouse zip code to your zip code.   UPS Time & Cost Estimator.
Drop Ship Cutoff
The dollar amount that you want to start drop shipping at.  PSS will issue a 1 day lead time for all product that is over the Drop Ship Cutoff dollar amount.
Exclude Warehouse
When this box is checked the warehouse simply will not be included in inventory calculations.  Uncheck the box if you wish to utilize the warehouse.  

Examples and Explanations

Example #1: Most dealers don't want to pay the fee to have a  $6.00 valve stem seal drop shipped so they will set a Drop Ship Cutoff to ensure that cheaper product is shipped to them before going to the buyer.  If you had a Drop Ship Cutoff of $50.00, this $6.00 valve stem seal would fall under the cutoff and the listing would tell the buyer that you will not have shipping into eBay for the number of days you have entered into the Lead Time field for that warehouse.

Example #2: If a dealer only wants to drop ship product they would set the drop ship cutoff to one dollar.  From there the Lead Time field is obsolete because everything is above the drop ship cutoff.  Typically someone in this boat would want to avoid listing cheaper product; thus they would go to their Marketplace Settings and raise the Marketplace Buffer to something like $20 or $30.

Example #3: If you set Western Power Sports, CA warehouse to Drop ship Cutoff of $150 this means that all product over $150 is going to get a lead time of 1.  This means that you have 1 day to get tracking into your marketplace.   For product under $150 the marketplace is going to get the Lead Time that you input in the Lead Time column.  

Example #4: Some distributors do not drop ship (Parts Unlimited).  This means that you will want a high drop ship cutoff; one that will ensure all product gets assigned the proper lead time.  To disable drop shipping you simply set the drop ship cutoff to $9,999.  From here just make sure that your lead times are accurate based on how many days the product takes to get to you.  UPS Time & Cost Estimator.

How should I set my Inventory Rules?

Everyone has their own way of doing things and each dealer has their own unique set of circumstances so, there is no ultimate way to configure this.  We offer the following words of wisdom:

  1. Don't set all your Lead Times to the same value across the board.  Take the time to determine how long product takes to get to you from each warehouse.
  2. Leverage on the nearby warehouses with 1-2 day Lead Times.  
  3. You can always start conservative and then start taking more risk once you see how fulfillment on your listings goes for the first month.  
  4. These marketplaces are fairly competitive and a lot of buyers look for fast shipping these days.  Make sure that a portion of your listings are eligible for drop ship or a 1 day lead time.

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