File Center Overview

Over the years PSS has steadily been adding features which allow users to import and export a variety of data points throughout the system.  When working with CSV files, accuracy should be of the utmost importance.  A slipped column here or a space on the end of some text can make or break the success of your request. 

PSS Home Page > File Center

Once inside you will see a list of jobs that you are able to run on the left-hand nav.  To the right of that, you will see a list of any jobs that are running or have run previously for your account.  When you start using File Center jobs you will want to monitor them here.

Below is a list of all active features in File Center.  By clicking each hyperlink you will be taken to a page which outlines the feature.


Price Overrides

Webstore Categories and Products

Cost Overrides

Image Overrides

Shelf Quantities


Ebay Listings

Catalog Export

Catalog Import

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