Shelf Quantities: Import/Export

Generally speaking, Shelf Quantities represent inventory and pricing from sources that are outside the PSS distributor network.  This feature grants you the ability to manage current inventory levels and pricing for products that you either have in your store or products that you carry in your Private Catalog.

PSS Home Page > File Center

On the left-hand menu under Shelf Quantities, click "Client: Import Shelf Quantities"

Step 1 - Download Template

Download the Compatible File Template which is in the blue hyperlink.  Open the File Template from your computer.

For this template and any others in PSS, make sure that you review the developer notes so that you can ensure that your file meets PSS specifications.

Step 2 - Populate Template With Data

This template has five (5) columns, some of which are optional.  Below we offer an explanation of what each column header represents.

The catalog where the SKU that you are overriding exists.  Must be one of AFTERMARKET, OEM, PRIVATE


The SKU from the distributor but in the PSS format with the proper prefix.  If you are unsure what the correct format or prefix is please visit this article on   SKU and MPN Definitions.

How do I get the distributor SKU into the PSS format?    Click Here


The current quantity of a product.  No spaces before or after the digits.  No decimal points.


Number of days that it would take for you to get accurate tracking into the marketplace.  

  • If it is on your store shelf then a value of 1 or 2 is perfect.  
  • If it is something you need to order from a US warehouse and have shipped to you then a value of 3 or 5 is best.
  • If it is something in a US warehouse that can be drop shipped then a value of 1 or 2 is good.

The exact price that you want this product to display.  Must be a valid decimal number.  No $ symbol

Correct way = 43.99     Wrong way = $43.99

Correct way = 87.00     Wrong way = 87

Step 3 - Upload Your Data

When you click "Client: Import Shelf Quantities" you will see "Choose File" next to File Upload.  Click this button to locate the file on your computer.  Double click your file and it will be ready to go in PSS.

Enter your email address if you want to be notified when the job is complete.  (optional).

Click Submit

Step 4 - Monitor Job Processing

You will want to monitor the Job that you just ran in File Center.  The job will be in a Pending or Processing status until PSS has completed it.  These jobs typically take 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the CSV file.

Once finished you will see the job Completed or Complete w/ Warnings. Click on the job and you will have access to a Processing Report.  Open the report and the success or failure of each line item will be reported.

Other Options for Inventory and Pricing Retrieval

PSS has multiple ways to pull in your existing inventory if you already have a system in place for inventory management.

Post an FTP File for PSS to Retrieve

This File Automation article will walk you through getting PSS configured to pull a price/inventory file

Allow PSS to Integrate with Your Lightspeed Account

These CDK Lightspeed articles will walk you through getting PSS configured to pull in your Lightspeed price/inventory.

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