PSS Settings > Webstore (Options)


Tag Line

This text will display at top of the website in the header. Common use" Welcome to XYZ Store!", "FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $40.00", etc.

Coming Soon

Check this box for your webstore to display in "Coming Soon" status.

In Stock Only

If this is checked your webstore will only display product groups where at least one product within the variation is in stock.  Remember, whether a product is in stock is directly related to how your Inventory Rules are configured; no just if a product is in stock with a distributor.

Enable Google Translate

If check your webstore will have a Google Translate widget displayed and most of the text on your site will have the ability to be changed to a different language.  Banners, Tiles, etc. will not be changed.

Disable Global Fitment

If checked your webstore will not display the Year, Make, Model search bar.

Disable Featured Vehicles

If checked your webstore will not have featured vehicles displayed on the home page.

Disable Showcase Filters

If your website has vehicles loaded you will see a Vehicle Showcase at the bottom of your home page.  If this box is checked then the filtering at the top of the showcase will be disabled.

Featured Vehicle Count

The number of Featured Vehicles that appear on your home page featured vehicles section.  Enter a number

Vehicle Showcase Count

The number of Vehicles that appear on your home page vehicle showcase.  Enter a number