Media Center Overview

The PSS Media Center is a full-service image hosting platform for PSS users to utilize however they see fit.  In essence, this module supports just about any type of Photography, Videography, or Graphic Design to be used on a website.

The main purpose of this feature is to allow PSS users to easily manage all of the media content for their website including Banners, Tiles, and Vehicle Images.  It can also be used for Private Catalog Images as well as Aftermarket Image Overrides.

PSS Home Page > Media Center

Once you land in Media Center you will notice that it has a look and feel of some of the more common file hosting cloud platforms.  Everything is Point, Click, Drag, Drop.

How to Add an Image to Media Center

Create or Browse to the Media Center folder that you wish to place your image in.
Click "browse" or just drag and drop the image(s) into the box. 
The image(s) will populate at the top of the Media Center.  Click the green "Upload File" button. 
You should get a green check-mark that says "Complete"

How to Get the Image URL

Browse to the image in Media Center
Click the Clipboard icon that is under the image, or click on the magnifying glass to open the image.  When you open the image it should launch in your browser as a new tab.
Take the copied link and use it as you see fit for your PSS or general web needs.

How to Set Banners, Tiles, Logos in PSS

Once you have your webstore assets loaded into Media Center you will proceed to PSS Settings Webstore (Manage Media) and configure their placement & linking.

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