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Once you land in the Aftermarket Catalog go ahead and click on any MPN in blue hyperlink.

This is the main Product Information Page within the PSS Catalog.  It displays all the information for a single MPN including data pertaining to the entire Product Group.  One of the great thing about PSS is that it allows you to amend certain points of the catalog data to better suit your needs, or to improve the accuracy of things like images and descriptions. 

Within the Override Management Center you can:

Override an Image for a Product

Under the Product Image you will see buttons to Upload a File, Upload a URL, or Remove an Existing Image Override.  By clicking on each button you will be taken to a prompt to carry out the action.

This is not the only way to Override an Image in PSS.  If you would like to see all the options that you have in regards to Image Overrides please review the article How to Override an Image

Override the Description for an entire Product Group

The Override Management Center allows you to manipulate descriptions on the Product Group Level.  

Say you are trying to list some Chain Guides by TM Design Works but the catalog descriptions are kind of bland.  You maybe want to add a couple bullet points to all the products within the group since they all have the same description, but you don't want to go MPN by MPN to do it.  Just override the Product Group Description on one of the MPNs and it will cover the entire group. 

Don't fully understand the  distinction between a Product and a Product Group?

Override the Description for an Individual Product

Underneath the Product Group Details area you will find the Product Details.  Since we were just talking about Product Group Description Overrides we may as well stay on that line of thought and cover Individual Product Description Overrides.  

Same overall concept with altering the description to better suit your needs however here we are just changing the description for a single MPN.  There are some Product Groups out there that don't have the same description for every variation.  Or some sellers want a unique description for each Product in the group.  Whatever your desire you can accomplish it; just remember that Product Overrides take precedence over Product Group Overrides.  If you override a product and then override a product group your original product override will stick.

Override the Size, Color, or Option of a Product

Pretty straight forward.  You will see the Size, Color, Option field in the Product Details section of the page.  Feel free to edit as you see fit.  Don't forget to hit Save when complete with edits.

See what Distributors carry a Product

The Distributor Parts section will display all distributors that carry the MPN along with their MSRP.  It will display each SKU regardless of whether or not you have the distributor configured in settings.  

Override the Price of each Distributor SKU

The Price Overrides portion of this page is clearly marked.  If you wish to use the PSS user interface to change pricing for a single product, this is as good of a place as any.  You have the ability to Override each distributor SKU for each Marketplace.

This is not the only way to Override a Price.  If you would like to override several Distributor SKUs you will likely want to do it by way of CSV file.  File Center >  Price Overrides: Import/Export

Input and Manage Shelf Inventory (Qty, Lead Time, Price)

Near the bottom of the Override Management Center you will see Shelf Quantities.  This is where you utilize and manage the inventory that you have in your own shop or warehouse.  Once you initially input your Shelf Quantities PSS will decrement qty by 1 after each sale in PSS.  What if you sell something outside of PSS? Like in your shop.  PSS has you covered.

Want PSS to pull in your Shelf Inventory from a self hosted Shelf Inventory file on a daily basis?   Click Here

Want PSS to pull in your Shelf Inventory from Lightspeed CDK?   Click Here

See what other Products are in the Same Product Group

At the very bottom of the Override Management Center you will see all other products that exist within a group along with a link to each Products page, the MPN, and attributes.

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