Listing Your Private Catalog Data to eBay, Amazon, Webstore

Once your Catalog Data is in PSS you can create listings just as you would with our Aftermarket Catalog.  There is no difference except that you will be working out of your Private Catalog.


Create Listing Templates

Create Listings

Helpful Notes
  • The tags on the eBay Listing Templates and on the Listing Creation screen function just as they do in the Aftermarket Catalog.  This is why it is important to make sure that your catalog data is clean going into the PSS database.  If your Product Names are flawed then when you go to use the {%TITLE%} tag, the listing title will be flawed.


Create Amazon Listings

Helpful Notes
  • We obviously will not have Amazon ASIN Recommendations for your Private Catalog Data.  You will need to do Manual ASIN entry.


Create PSS Webstore Listings

Helpful Notes
  • On the article linked above, you will need to proceed with Option 2.

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