eBay Domestic Shipping Rate Tables

Shipping rate tables allow sellers to tailor the flat shipping rates offered for an item to fit the shipping destination. They can specify a base rate for a part of the US, then specify alternative rates or surcharges for shipping to more distant or inconvenient areas like Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Sellers can configure flat shipping rate tables in My eBay Shipping Preferences. These tables can then be applied to individual listings by selecting it as an option on Listing Templates in PSS.

In a domestic shipping rate table, the seller can specify an alternative shipping rate for each shipping service category in several domestic regions. In the US, they are Economy, Standard, Expedited, and One-day.
Sellers use a dropdown list to specify the alternative shipping rates applied by the rate table as one of the following:
  • A flat amount per item
  • A flat surcharge
  • A surcharge by weight
This selection applies to the entire table; there is no mixing and matching by region or shipping category.
The first row of the table's collapsible Domestic Regions section is the base region, which by default includes all domestic locations. The additional rows identify each of the more distant or inconvenient (extended) regions of the country to which the seller might also wish to ship.  In the US, the extended regions are Alaska and Hawaii, US Protectorates, and Army/Fleet Post Offices.

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