Create eBay Templates in PSS

The first step in the listing creation process is to create Listing Templates.  You will attach hundreds, if not thousands of individual eBay listings to a single template.  Templates control things like categorization, shipping, returns, and warranty. 

Template Name
Discount Pricing Display
Shipping Details
Category Details
Domestic Shipping Options
Item Specifics
International Shipping Options
Payment Details
Returns and Refunds

Template Name

The most common question that new dealers have is, how should I set up my Listing Templates?  Now, keep in mind that the two most important factors that templates control are Categorization, and Shipping (Cost & Type).
First and foremost, you will want to organize your templates in a way that will allow you to effectively list all products within your desired categories.  It would be wise to have a minimum of one (1) template for each category that you wish to list.  There will be scenarios where different parts from the same category have drastically different shipping costs; thus you may need more than one template for each category to implement a higher shipping cost.
Shipping (Cost & Type)
Shipping is also a key piece to template organization.  Flat rate shipping, Calculated Shipping, International, Shipping surcharges, Weights & Dimensions; all of these have variables that can be unique for a range of products.  Big box exhaust systems or motorcycle rims are going to need to be on a totally different listing template compared to gaskets and wheel bearings since they ship differently and likely have different warranty/return characteristics.

Pro Tip

Take the time early in the game to logically build out templates so you can be set up for success in the future.  Dealers are continuously reporting that they got burned on shipping because their templates were not configured properly.  

Template Naming conventions
Try to keep it clean and consistent.  Including things like shipping cost, shipping method, category, and/or brand in the template name can really help when you go to create listings.  Below are just some examples of standard naming conventions.  But at the end of the day, just do it in a way that works for you!

Examples of "Category, Shipping Type, Shipping Cost"
Gaskets, Seals, & Kits, USPS, $8.49 Shipping
Motorcycle & Powersports Helmets, FedEx, Free Shipping
UTV Cargo & Utility Racks - Standard Ground Shipping - $9.99
Motorcycle Stands, Standard Ground Shipping, $16.39

Examples of "Brand, Shipping Type, Shipping Cost"
Quad Boss / USPS / $8.49 Shipping
Motion Pro, Standard Ground Shipping, Free
Motion Pro, Standard Ground Shipping, $10.99
Shoei, FedEx, Free Shipping
Akropovic Calculated "0-10 pounds"
Akropovic Calculated "11-25 pounds"
Akropovic Calculated "26+ pounds"
Examples of other naming conventions
Bike Master, $12 to $45 msrp, $10.99 Shipping, Standard Ground
Dunlop, Free Standard Ground, $104.49 Overnight
Cardo, Under $65 msrp, Standard Ground
Dirt Bike Protective Gear w/ Free Ship
Dirt Bike Protective Gear w/ $7.49 Ship
Alpinestars Pants Flat Domestic/Calculated International

You can't edit Template names once they are created.  Instead, clone the template and alter the name on the new template.  You will need to move any existing listings over to the new template by using the Listing Edit feature.


What you put in this field will populate the description area of each eBay listing that is assigned to the template.

Use the PSS-supplied "Data Tags" to pull in the description and other attributes supplied with the PSS Catalog Data.  
These are data tags

At the very minimum, you need to use the Data Tag for {%DESCRIPTION%}.  This will pull in the description from the PSS Catalog Data and populate it into the description field of the eBay listing.

You can use as many tags as you wish and structure them around other text however you see fit.    
Example of a simple description that uses a combination of Data Tags, some basic HTML, and regular text.

For Moose Racing MPN: 3430-0195 this will translate into a description on the eBay listing description of:

Set yourself apart from the competition

The description area is also an opportunity to showcase your company and explain why customers will be better off purchasing from you.  You can briefly highlight your commitment to customer service, years in business, fast shipping, return/exchange program, etc.  Anything to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Custom HTML
The description area can also take HTML.  A custom-designed template can further help differentiate your listings from the competition and portray a professional image of your company.  If you are looking for a recommendation you could try Frooition or OC Designs Online, but there are literally thousands of companies out there that produce custom HTML.  Just google "Custom HTML".

Pro Tip 

The PSS Catalog data is going to have the basic descriptions from the distributors.  If you would like to override or enhance the provided descriptions you can perform a Description Override from the Aftermarket Catalog.

Category Details

We can say with confidence that the correct categorization of products upon creation will drastically improve your listings' chances of showing up in a buyer's search results.  Successful sellers typically have one or more templates for each category that they list in. 

When navigating through the eBay Motors Category tree in PSS you must click through the categories with arrows until you reach a final category that has a green circle w/ checkmark next to it, and then click the circle to confirm.

You can also list into a secondary category as long as it is different that the primary category that you selected.  For your protection, the software will not allow you to select the same category twice.

It is worth mentioning that for hard parts that have an  "EPID" (eBay Product ID), eBay will automatically recategorize the listing into the correct category however we don't recommend relying on eBay for categorization.  Take a proactive approach to properly categorize your listings out of the gates and you will surely benefit down the road.

Storefront Category

The Storefront Category Details will be the category tree that you have designed in your existing eBay Store.  

We highly recommend that you take time to properly categorize your eBay store.  Not just because shoppers might want to see what you have available, but because it is also helpful for running Promotions on eBay

More information on eBay Stores.

Custom Item Specifics

PSS will automatically push out "Minimum Item Specifics" as required by eBay for each product (Brand, MPN, etc), so you don't have to worry about that.  Additionally, we provide you the option to push your own "Custom" specifics.  You may put anything in these fields that you wish as long as eBay allows it.

Payment Details

Opt into the different payment features for each template as you see fit.

Auto Pay

By checking this box you will require that the buyer of the item makes an Immediate Payment.  We highly recommend enabling this option.

Best Offer
A seller can enable the Best Offer feature for a fixed-price or classified ad listing as long as the category supports the Best Offer feature.  Sellers are responsible for managing offers through eBay directly.

Discount Pricing Display

This relates to various ways in which eBay allows you to advertise discounted pricing.  The default setting in PSS is "Disabled".  In this instance, the discounted price will simply be listed as a standard price without any strike-through. 
Before enabling Strike-Through Pricing in PSS, you must get approved by eBay to participate in eBay’s Strike-Through Pricing Program. 
That said, there are three other options to display discount pricing depending on what you are approved for with eBay.
Specifies that the discount price is not shown via either Pre-Checkout or During Checkout but on the listing as a Strike-Through price.  Will display like the below.

During Checkout
Specifies that the discounted price must be shown on the eBay checkout flow page.
Specifies that the buyer must click a link (or a button) to navigate to a separate page (or window) that displays the discount price. eBay displays the discounted item price in a pop-up window.

Heads Up

eBay has made it harder to get approved for strike-through pricing and most seasoned sellers are grandfathered in to allow the special pricing display.  If you are trying the above methods but your listings are not displaying strike-through, you would need to contact the eBay Premium Services Team directly at (877) 322-9227 and request that it be enabled.  It is not uncommon for requests to be denied.

Also, if your account is not eligible for strike-through pricing you still might be able to get the special pricing display by using eBay Promotions.  

My eBay > Selling > Marketing > Promotions > Create a Promotion > Sale Event + Markdown

More on eBay Promotions Manager

Shipping Details

The primary purpose of this section is to distinguish between Flat or Calculated Shipping Methods; and if need be, apply weight/dimension information.  Additionally, this is where you can select the eBay Global Shipping method or make use of eBay Shipping Rate Tables.
Shipping Type
Your listing's shipping price for both domestic and international will automatically calculate on the eBay listing based on the Shipping Service selected, and the Weight/Dimensions that you input.  
Upon selecting "Calculated", a box for "Shipping Package Options" will pop up below the Shipping Type box.  Pounds, ounces, length, width, and depth are all required.  Use whole numbers for each field.
The shipping price on your listings for both domestic and international will get a flat charge as specified by you in the Shipping Service Cost field.  Simply selecting Flat and making the Shipping Cost $0.00 will give all listings associated with the template free shipping.
Flat Domestic, Calculated International
Domestic will get a flat charge as specified by you in the Shipping Service Cost field.  International will automatically calculate based on the Shipping Service selected, and Weight/Dimensions.
Calculated Domestic, Flat International
International will get a flat charge as specified by you in the Shipping Service Cost field.  Domestic will automatically calculate based on the Shipping Service selected, and Weight/Dimensions.
Domestic Rate Table
This should be set to "None" unless you are trying to utilize the Domestic Rate Table that you have already configured in the "My eBay" Seller Dashboard.  If you do not have a Rate Table configured in eBay, then having this set to "Default" will cause listings to error out.
If you already have a Domestic Rate Table configured in eBay and would like to make use of it for a specific template, you would simply select "Default" from the drop-down.

If you are unsure what to select or are not familiar with eBay Rate Tables, select "None".  

Global Shipping
With the eBay Global Shipping Program, you send your item to an eBay shipping center in the US and once it reaches them they handle all other aspects of the international delivery.  Despite what negative comments may be out there, PSS has actually heard good things about this program.  Learn more about it here >  eBay Global Shipping Program
At the time of writing this article, eBay is in the early stages of converting the eBay Global Shipping Program into the eBay International Shipping Program.  The changes seem to be minimal.
Price Banded Shipping
This will only be turned on if you are having us manage your OEM replacement part listings.  Leave it disabled.  Only a PSS representative should enable it.

Domestic Shipping Options

Up to 3 domestic shipping options can be set for listings allowing buyers various options for shipping upon checkout.  At least one domestic shipping option must be specified.

International Shipping Options

Up to 2 international shipping options can be set for listings allowing buyers various options for shipping upon checkout. Sellers that do not wish to ship internationally may choose to add no international shipping options.

Returns & Refunds

Aside from Categorization & Shipping, this is the next most important factor on a template.  You may offer different Return & Refund options for different products that are the same brand and same category so it is possible that you have dedicated templates for the various options.
Returns Accepted Options
Accepted or Not Accepted.  
Returns Within Option
Number of Days that Return must be submitted.
Refund Type Option
Money back, Exchange, Replace.
Return Shipping Cost Paid By Option
Party responsible for return shipping cost.
Warranty Options
There are multiple options to select from in this drop-down.  eBay search filters for buyers do include a filter for warranty.  For certain products, you may strongly want to consider warranty designation on listings.

The Save Button!

As good a place as any to remind you; PSS does not automatically save.  We recommend saving as you work through and edit various fields so that you do not lose any work.

If you are a new user you are now ready to create eBay Listings! Proceed here for your next step.

Bulk Edit Listing Templates

It is worth mentioning that you can bulk edit the description field of multiple templates at once.  From the "View All Listing Templates" page simply highlight one or more templates and click the Edit Button.

Pro Tip

After you create your first Listing Template and proceed to the "View All Listing Templates" view, you will see a button that says "Clone".  This feature will save you tons of time by replicating template details for similar products.

Example: If you had created a template for Fly Racing Jackets - Free Shipping you can just clone that template for Alpinestars Jackets without having to reselect all of the template parameters again.  Just make sure that when you clone a template you are aware of the category and shipping parameters of said template.  You don't want to start listing snowmobile helmets in the UTV Suspension category.

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