Underperforming Listings

It is good practice to evaluate you underperforming listings on a quarterly basis.  If they are not selling doesn't it make sense to try and find out why and maybe improve upon them?

Listings might be underperforming because:

  1. They are not competitively priced
  2. They are not categorized correctly
  3. They lack keyword-rich titles and are not showing up in as many search results as they should

To export the listings from eBay just proceed to your eBay Seller Backend.  Beneath "Active Listings" there is an "Underperforming" tab.  You might also find this on the "Research" tab which is next to Marketing and Performance.

Once you export the listings you can review the listings and determine the best course of action within PSS.

To update pricing you can perform Price Overrides or Price Rules

To recategorize the listings you can create a new template or assign it to another existing template that you have that better suits this product.  Category Optimization on PSS eBay Listing Templates

To improve the listing titles you can take the eBay item IDs from the export and input them onto a PSS template to Import eBay Listings into PSS for revision.

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